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Stack Jug


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Delightful morning rituals can make a day. Aromas of lightly toasted bread and freshly ground coffee set the mood, but the lightness and perfection of the objects we handle first thing in the morning complete the picture, adding sophistication to our daily routine. Designed to perfection, the STACK is a series of intelligent glasses and dishware that fit flawlessly into one another. With a subtle colour palette of soft Jade Green, Smoky Grey and Milky White that is set off by Crystal-Clear elements, the series is stunning in its minimalist yet playful appearance. Delicate yet durable laboratory glass allows the objects to be incredibly lightweight, and this makes stacking them simply delightful.
A perfectly round handle and a detailed poring spout. Extra strong heat-safe glass ensures liquids can be carried and served safely regardless of their temperature.


Heat Resistant Borosilicate Laboratory Glass.
Height 14cm
Width 7.6cm
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