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The Kettle


A classic, whistling kettle that simply boils water. Could it be that simple?

A good kettle is designed with a large base and small surface area so that in boiling water only a little heat is lost by radiation. Just like this one. In fact, when heated on a gas or an induction stove this kettle uses less energy than an electric water boiler. The spout with a high, upward bend means that boiling water won’t squirt out and there’s a rigid handle to safely carry the kettle. The whistle blows when the water boils. The kettle is enameled inside and out with easy to clean, scratch proof and acid resistant surfaces The kettle is suitable for all stove types.

Yes, it’s that simple.

By the way: The white handle and spout are a limited edition for Ross Madden.

Made in Austria
Volume 2 litres
Base Ø 165 mm
Height 215 mm
Weight 1.1 kg
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