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Milano Espresso – Pair


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This might be heresy, but we don’t believe the best coffee is made in Italy. But we do believe that that the traditions and customs of Italian coffee are the most engaging and enduring. There is a seriousness attached to every single part of the coffee experience and that includes the vessel in which the coffee is made and served. From the heart of Milan, the Capellini design firm has produced these fine demitasse cups made of porcelain and imbued with a design by architect, Giulio Cappellini. It’s single origin design.

Material: Porcelain
Care: Hand wash
Origin: Italy
119mm diameter x 66mm
SKU: RM1030
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Milanese architect Giulio Cappellini has been working since 1979 with an energetic spirit and refreshing goals. Through the years his work transformed into that of a designer’s, offering a personal approach to contemporary design. His most important project, the “company”, transformed Cappellini into one of the biggest trend-setters worldwide. His firm’s collections are renowned for tapping new trends and far-flung talents.

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