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Bauhaus Building


The buildings that have captured human imagination for decades are now at a scale to own and admire in your own home or office.

Each model is a remarkable representation of an architectural landmark building, intricately sculpted from fine plaster and embellished in metal. The attention to detail is extraordinary and a joy to behold.

Bauhaus Building
Dessau, Germany 1925-26

Designed by Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus is a landmark of modern, functionalist architecture. New methods of construction, particularly the use of a structural concrete framework, allowed for the opening up of spaces. Solids became voids and glass took on a greater importance with a curtain wall revealing the inner workings and activities of the building. Home to the 20th century’s most significant school of architecture, design and art until 1932, The Bauhaus and the founding principles of the school continue to influence modern thought and practice.

Country of Origin: UK
Material: Plaster + Metal

Comes in a presentation box
270mmH x 180mmW x75mmD
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